Installing a 13 Foot Floating Sign at Instagram

October 1st, 20143 comments

Check out our visit to the Facebook headquarters to watch the installation of the new Instagram Floating Sign!

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So you bought a CO2 laser cutter, now what? Part 2: Setup and Maintenance

August 5th, 20141 comment

I was a little intimidated by the expensive hunk of metal sleeping in the garage after our laser was freight truck delivered to the house. I really, REALLY didn’t want to break it right off the bat. I also didn’t want to burn my eyeballs out of my skull accompanied by the surprisingly high pitched screams of a grown man.
It turns out, all I had to do was spend hours online reading obscure forums to find the information I needed to get things started!
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Cold Brew Coffee on Tap

July 4th, 2014No comments

full We’ve built a beer tap handle in the past and recently made one for local coffee roaster Mr. Espresso. While we’re not always able to take on custom projects, we thought this one was just too cool to pass up. Plus, we’re cold brew coffee fiends.

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How to Make a Cheap and Easy Bike Cargo Trailer

April 19th, 20144 comments

bike-trailer-web One of the best things about living in the Bay Area is nearly year-round great weather. I enjoy working on my permanent flip flop tan lines and weathered face by riding a bike instead of driving. We ship packages to customers every day, so I decided to increase my bike’s cargo capacity.

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An Illuminated Monkey Sign that is Visible from Space

January 7th, 2014No comments

finish-lights Over the holidays, I got a chance to finally make something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I had purchased all the necessary parts, and then watched them gather dust as we entered the insanity that is the Christmas season. Once things settled a bit and we took a few days’ break, I decided that it was finally time to make the biggest sign I’ve ever attempted, with ELECTRICITY!!

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So you bought a CO2 laser cutter, now what? Part 1: Research

December 10th, 201310 comments

So you’re thinking about getting a laser cutter, but might not know where to start. I was in this exact position a while ago, and really would have liked a bit of guidance without having to pick through page after page of online forums. This series of blog posts are aimed at the regular ol’ people out there looking to get started with their own co2 laser cutter.

I’m no laser expert, so take these posts with a grain of salt. I’m merely sharing my personal experience of buying and using a co2 laser over the last couple years. If you spot something that could be done in a better way, please let me know in the comments below. Keep in mind that I’m a safety third kind of guy…some folks like safety goggles, I like turning power tools off with my chin.

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Wood Signage: Anchour Creative

November 13th, 2013No comments

anchor-done-floor_0 We made a sign for Anchour Creative, one of the biggest we’ve done yet!

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Bill Winkler, Woodworker

October 29th, 2013No comments

It’s been about two years since we started Tinkering Monkey out of our one-car garage. We’ve been fortunate enough to see more and more shipments head out the door to happy customers.

Being part of a two person team has a lot of benefits, but there are downsides too. One of those downsides is having only four hands between the two of us. So, we put a call out to find some help. Bill Winkler answered that call, and we’re sure glad he did. If you ordered a Stand for Square™ from us, it’s likely that he helped us make it.


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Custom Projects for Clif Bar

July 8th, 20132 comments

We recently started working with Clif Bar to make some very cool custom projects, like these course map magnets.

multiple This project presented some interesting challenges, and let us experiment with a few new techniques that we haven’t tried before.

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Awards for iMore

July 6th, 20135 comments

We recently worked with iMore to produce awards for their hall of fame ceremony during WWDC 2013. Since we were fresh out of gold ingots, we opted to make them from Walnut, nature’s next best thing.


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