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July 8th, 2013 | 2 comments

We recently started working with Clif Bar to make some very cool custom projects, like these course map magnets.

multiple This project presented some interesting challenges, and let us experiment with a few new techniques that we haven’t tried before.

mockup These mountainous magnetic map mounts are for use during sports events. The magnets embedded in the back snap up a course map at their outdoor booth, allowing people to find where they’re located along the trail.

diagram Clif provided us with a super clear vision for what they had in mind, making things that much easier to execute. I made a few notes and got started.

clifbar-letters-2 I cut a few different versions of the text. It turns out the most crisp cuts are done in reverse, and the backside used as the front.

clifbar-closeup We ended up using a mix of PSA backed veneer, thin sheets of solid wood, and printed metal to get everything together.

single I like how all the signs have grain patterns that incite motion. Come find us! We have Clif Bars!

clif-logo-detail We initially wanted to cut the logo from acrylic, but getting the thin black details would be too difficult at this scale. So we used printed aluminum plates, and inlaid them to keep things smooth.

Bike Decks

clif-kid-2 We also etched the rear decks of their custom Yuba cargo bikes.

deck-whole After removing the decks, we etched the bottom side. The Yuba logo is etched on the flip side, which will be mounted toward the rear tire.


deck-closeup_0 To seal up the very porous bamboo after etching, I rubbed in a dark tinted polyurethane. The tint darkens the artwork, making it pop out from the wood even more.

Bike Baskets

bike-basket-blank We also built some bodacious bamboo basket bottoms for the Clif Bar bikes.

bike-basket-detail Bamboo tends to burn when laser cut, especially at 1/4″ thick, so I cut a template from thin MDF and used a trim bit on the router table to shape these parts. This left a super clean edge that looked great, since they’re very visible from the front.

bike-basket-paper We tried a few different sizes for the logo before committing to the etch.

bike-basket-top Pop rivets held everything together perfectly without looking heavy handed.

bike-basket-two We made four sets overall, and we’re very pleased with the results.

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